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A Welcome Note from Charles Lane

Why do we need all these things?

If you are a Woodwell over the age of 40, then Congratulations!!! for getting this far. I don’t need to tell you that this site has opened to a loud round of  – uh, ambivalence among the senior Woodwells.

Martha Woodwell Hurley, my mother and a blue ribbon doyenne of the family,  corresponds with postage stamps and has no computer.  “Why do we need all those things” is a frequently heard opinion.

We do need them. Web sites and email are a survival response to the loss of community and extended family that was so familiar in my childhood.  The groaning board Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are, in my memory, a metaphor for our loss.

The connection between extended families is under constant pressure from distance, relocation, economic realities, and the daily struggle to prevail and survive shared by so many.  Do you also have close relatives you have never even met?

Let’s try to meet here.

I will keep this site going as long as it keeps growing.  If your name is Woodwell or Alden, or close,  then we want your stuff: birth date, parents, kids, pictures, stories, drawings, mementos, poetry, video, audio.  Bring it!


One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Hello, Charles. Kudos for constructing and maintaining the site.

    I noticed that a link to my company’s website (www.woodwellasset.com) is listed under “weird links”.

    To explain where I came up with the company name, my father, Frederick Woodwell Myers, was the grandson of Horace D. Woodwell, noted as number 159 in “Matthew Woodwell and His Descendants” with the note, “Last heard from in Buenos Ayres Argentina”. My father spent quite some time researching the family tree and had copies of a family crest which I believe to be authentic (I can scan and email to you if interested). Unfortunately I did not share my father’s interest until long after he died and only recently visited the “homeground” on a vacation last week that included stops in Salem and Newburyport. My grandmother, Blanche L. Woodwell married Rev. William E. Myers an American missionary to Argentina. He was later reassigned by the Methodist church to PA and they moved back to the U.S. in 1914 along with my great aunt, Amelia Woodwell. As a child I remember my aunt’s yearly trips back to Argentina via steamship to visit relatives and friends who still lived there through the early 60s. I also have dim memories of visits with my father’s cousin (Horace Woodwell Jr.) and his son Donald (likely in his late 60s by now). I am curious as to why my great grandfather left MA for Argentina with his family (including his sister Hannah Woodwell) but have no way to find out unless there is someone out there who knows the history.

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